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roXiva RX1 is a hypnagogic light technology developed for audio-visual brainwave entrainment. It uses stroboscopic white light combined with sound. Expertly crafted sessions guide you into profound inspired states of mind. The phenomenon occurs when the brain’s electrical activity synchronizes with the external stimuli, such as flickering light and sound.

Roxiva redefines the paradigm of psychedelics. Instead of being an alternative, it establishes itself as a ‘safe’ protocol for therapists and practitioners. It provides a controlled platform to guide clients through transformative experiences, steering clear of the legal and health risks associated with substances like DMT and LSD.

In the realm of stress, an ubiquitous challenge affecting 72% globally, our device takes a scientific approach. Backed by research, it offers proven stress reduction benefits, including cortisol level management and support for conditions such as acute stress, seasonal affect disorder and A-typical burnout.

Spirituality takes centre-stage, aligning with traditional meditation practices. The RX1 exhibits activity in Delta and Gamma waves, mirroring EEG-monitored meditation, providing therapists with a powerful tool to facilitate clients’ spiritual journeys safely and ethically.

Alzheimer’s and dementia continue to rise, flicker light stimulation emerges as a beacon of hope. Research suggests that flicker light at 40-60 Hz can aid in the early stages, poised to lead the market in supporting cognitive health.

Music integration is built into the RX1. Offering immersive experiences with electronic music. Our sound design ensures accurate frequencies, modes and scales that can trigger emotional experiences in users, further expanding its applications in therapeutic settings. The recent purchase by the Monroe Institute an addition to their practice shows we are moving in the right direction.

In academic and therapeutic settings, research is unfolding with the potential to support mental well-being and altered states of consciousness (Sussex University), making it an indispensable tool for therapists and practioners seeking innovative evidence -based approaches.

Contact: Karen Rachinski
Email: karen@live-light.ca
(778) 977-1207

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