Experience the Transformational Power of Light and Sound

Harnessing the science of Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE), Advanced Light Meditation guides you to a profound state of consciousness enhancing overall wellness.

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Advanced Light Meditation Technology

Advanced Light Meditation is a holistic light and sound wellness modality and revolutionary approach to expanded states of consciousness.

Its transformative effects defy description and surpass any other experience. One must encounter it firsthand to truly grasp its impact. It provides a doorway to personal evolution through an extraordinary fusion of light and sound.

At the core of Advanced Light Technology is the concept of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE), also known as Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE), neural entrainment, or brainwave synchronization.

This phenomenon occurs when the brain’s electrical activity synchronizes with the rhythm of external stimuli, such as flickering lights or music. Advanced Light Technology employs a specific spectrum of white light leading to BWE, stimulating the pineal gland and leading to the release of a myriad of beneficial hormones that promote health and longevity.

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By fostering profound meditation and relaxation, igniting creativity and productivity and nurturing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.
It is highly effective and provides a safe, prompt pathway to a Profound Meditation State. The technology is gentle, non-evasive, and has a powerful and profound impact on your neuroplasticity.


"It has been a few weeks since I finished six sessions with Karen and I feel connected to new possibilities and more self agency. There is a shift in my capacity to make different choices and break away from unhelpful patterns. I would do light therapy every day if I could! Karen creates a safe and caring space and I feel that this meditative practice is such a gift to our whole self in these intense times."
-Criss T
"I have had the pleasure of experiencing several light therapy sessions with Karen over the past year or two, and each session has been nothing short of extraordinary. Karen's expertise in various aspects of healing and the human body shines through in every session. From the moment you step into her space, you are enveloped in a sense of tranquility and well-being. "
-Val T
"It's hard to put in words the transformative depths of my experience, the gentle, warm light rhythmically showing me inner peace and emotional healing, I go through waves of pure bliss, joy and relief, I highly recommend everyone try this holistic approach to healing, let the light in! And radiate!"
-Andrea D

Proven Benefits

Improved Sleep
Stress & Anxiety Management
Decreased Depression
Pain Relief
Focus & Productivity
Mental Clarity
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Flow State

How it Works

The Light Enters The Body
Your System Is Activated
Hypnagogic State Accessed
An Immersive Meditative Experience Begins

The coordinated interplay of the flickering light and flash pulses gently permeates the closed eyes. After passing through the retina, it travels along the optic nerve, activating the Pineal Gland.

By tapping into the brain’s natural ability, allowing it to synchronize with the stroboscopic light pulses, brain activity emerges.

As the body and mind continue to progressively relax, the brain activity becomes more synchronized, creating the environment to enter into a deep meditative state, guiding you through varied levels of consciousness.


Within minutes, a person enters into a Hypnagogic state. Hypnagogia is the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep. It occurs when your brain waves are in theta. It is common to experience visual, audio and tactile experiences.

The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is part of the endocrine system. It is responsible for producing and regulating the hormones vital to the body’s function. Melatonin is the primary hormone produced by the pineal gland. It creates and regulates the circadian rhythm or the 24 hour cycle of life for humans.

Calcification of the pineal gland is a slow process. Essentially, fluoride and calcium deposits, also known as brain sand, accumulate over time which inhibits the pineal gland’s ability to secrete melatonin. Studies link a calcified pineal gland to Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

Circadian Rhythm

The natural cycle of physical, mental, and behavioural changes that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle is called the circadian rhythm.  Your circadian rhythm dictates when you eat, sleep, and how you go about your life.

By encouraging your body to release melatonin and other benefial hormones, Advanced Light Meditation can help your body to restore a consistent balance, offering increased and steady energy, motivation, and peacefulness throughout the entire day. 


Meditation is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years. This practice is common worldwide due to the benefits for brain health and overall well-being.

High resolution MRI’s and EEG’s are now showing what’s going on in the body and brain of people who meditate regularly and the positive effects. They have large amounts of the slowest brain waves, alpha, theta and delta as well as the fastest wave gamma. They have small amounts of beta, the signature wave of worry and stress.

Their bodies generate various hormones and neurotransmitters, including pleasure chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and ocytocin. Their nervous system is firing in “COHERENCE” relaxed and alert. The happiness centers of their brains are lit up.

Multifaceted Benefits

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Improved Sleep and Relaxation

One of the most immediate benefits of Advanced Light Meditation is improved sleep quality. The high frequency light guides your brain to improve sleep patterns and restful states helping to maintain an optimal sleep cycle essential for well being.


Decreased Stress and Anxiety

In the realm of stress, anxiety and depression, a ubiquitous challenge affecting 72% global population, Advanced Light technology takes a scientific approach, backed by research, it offers proven stress reduction benefits, including cortisol level management and support conditions such as, depression, stress, seasonal affect disorder (SAD) and A typical burnout. Advanced Light Meditation alleviates stress, anxiety and overthinking, allowing you to achieve a state of well being. Over time, these benefits extend into your daily life, reducing stress and reactivity.

Ehanced Focus, Mood, Performance & Mental Clarity

While the advantages of meditation are universally acknowledged, achieving this can take years of practice. Advanced Light Technology accelerates the process when synchronized with rhythmic patterns and beats can help individuals achieve a state of heightened focus, concentration state of clarity, focus and enhanced mood.

pain relief

Pain Relief

Experience potent pain relief. This powerful technology can guide your brain into states conducive to pain management, serving as a drug free aid in your fight against chronic or acute pain. Regular use can help foster a calm mind-body connection enhancing your overall quality of life.


Creativity and Productivity

Advanced Light Technology is unparalleled when it comes to creativity and productivity. It not only supports stress reduction but empowers individuals to enhance their ability to be more creative, focused and task positive. In collaboration with other



BWE can play a significant role in supporting wellness and longevity by providing a holistic approach to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

alzheimer's support

Azheimer's Support

As Alzheimer’s and Dementia continue to rise, flicker light stimulation emerges as a beacon of hope. Research suggests  that flicker light at 40-60Hz can aid in the early stages, poised to lead the market in supporting cognitive health.



Spirituality takes center stage aligning with traditional practices. Advanced light technology exhibits activity in Delta and Gamma waves, mirroring EEG-monitored meditation providing a powerful tool to facilitate spiritual journeys safely and ethically.



Light sessions offer immersive journeys into a Vibrant, Kaleidoscopic worlds synchronized with music. All drug free. Some sessions guide you into dreamscapes, while others deliver a potent psychedelic experience, enabling users to perceive extraordinary experiences.

About Live Light

Firsthand Knowledge and Experience

Karen was introduced to Advanced Light Meditation Technology in 2019. Over the last several years, she has researched and worked with various brain entrainment light technologies.

In addition to Karen’s background in Human Development, she has researched, developed and facilitated various workshops and retreats in a variety of settings.

Her strength is in providing a safe environment where people can delve deeper into developing their own personal awareness (mindful), empowering them to enhance their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Encouraging and Empowering Individuals

Being a retired Social Worker, and a highly empathic and an intuitive individual, Karen has the innate understanding that wellness starts with self, and the alignment of ones’ Head and Heart Coherence.

Lifelong Passion and Dedication to Holistic Health

In addition to Karen’s Social Work background, she has trained with Dr. Gabor Maté and Dr. Bruce Perry. She holds certification in:

Breathe To Heal (Max Strom)
Medical Qi-Gong (Dr. Steven Aung)
Architecture Of The Soul (Anodea Judith PhD,)
Master Crystology (Melody B.A., M.A.)

Hatha Yoga Instructor (200 hour)
Yin Yoga Instructor ( Bernie Clark, 50 hour)
Usui Reiki (Level 2)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( Lance Taylor, M.Sc)
RespectED Facilitator (Canadian Red Cross)
Parenting Facilitator (Parenting Partners)
Suicide Intervention ( Canadian Red Cross)
Pleasure Craft Operator License (PCOC) (Oak Bay Power Squadron)

Karen completed a Vipassana, (100 hours of meditation in 10 days).
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the science behind roXiva advanced light meditation?

Electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements illustrate that the brain operates within distinct frequency bands known as brainwave frequencies. Different mental states correspond to specific brainwave frequency signatures. For instance, the Theta brainwave state (4-8Hz) is linked to deep relaxation and meditative states.

By exposing the brain to these frequencies deliberately, brainwave entrainment can induce and encourage specific mental states. This entrainment can occur through auditory, visual, vibrational, or electromagnetic stimulation, leading to benefits such as enhanced inter-hemispheric brain communication and improved cerebral blood flow.

The phenomenon of photic driving and steady state visually evoked potentials (SSVEPs) demonstrates how light and sound waves synchronize brain activity, generating measurable brain responses in the form of harmonics corresponding to the external stimulus’s fundamental frequency.

Harmonics arise due to the interaction of multiple sine waves that compose complex waveforms like square waves, revealing the intricate science behind brainwave entrainment.

Is advanced light meditation safe?

Yes, light meditation has been proven safe in numerous tests and studies.

How many light therapy treatments will I need?

Results vary from person to person. Many people see positive results after just a few sessions. You may choose to regularly use light therapy even after seeing improvement to maintain your results.

What conditions does nano silver treat?

Nano silver has many health benefits, but our misters are primarily used as an immune booster and topical purifyer.

What’s the difference between and other colloidal silver?

Our silver is not like most silver. Most silver technologies on the market today, from the ones you can buy to the ones you can make at home, contain ionic silver (silver atoms that have lost an electron so they are called ions). Sometimes they call it a hydrosol or alkaline silver, etc. That type of silver is in more of a chemical state. It has no crystalline (or hard) structure to it.

Are nano silver products safe?

There have been more than 400 major third-party scientific reports that have been published on the Technology inside SilverCeuticals. Those reports consist of thousands of individual tests, and test series. Many companies promote studies about silver that don’t apply to their particular type of silver (there are several types), but these studies are all done on this technology specifically, and it’s effectiveness and safety.


1 session $80
3 sessions $220
6 sessions $400

The recommended number is 6 sessions, every 2-7 days. Studies indicate this is the ideal protocol for permanent nervous system change. Continued sessions help maintain the improvements and ongoing sessions provide ever evolving benefits.

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“Reduced My Arthritic Pain Immensely”.
-RT, Victoria, BC

RoXiva Sales Partner Canada.
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Wellness in the Workplace

A transformational experience
Create memorable moments and heightened awareness by offering a profoundly unique and powerful, immersive and sensory experience to your workshop or retreat.  
Whether it’s deep relaxation, managing stress, increasing focus and creativity, Live Light Wellness will create a retreat to meet your needs.
The visually immersive light and sound experience will leave the group feeling inspired, focused, and relaxed.
Profound Experience with Profound Benefits
In addition to Karen’s background in Human Development, she has researched, developed, and facilitated an array of workshops and retreats. 
Her strength is providing an environment for individuals to delve deeper into personal awareness and mindfulness empowering them to enhance their overall mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.
Wellness Starts Within
Reset, Realign, Regulate, Reconnect

Wellness Starts Within

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